will my dash please join me in praying to the marvel gods that we get anthony mackie doing commentary on the winter solider dvd


So, Sebastian…..you’re a prince. 

I maybe should have decided to download some of Thrilling Adventure Hour sometime before 9pm on the night before I leave town, hmmm? It’s gonna take a while to get all of “Beyond Belief” and “Sparks Nevada” on my iPod. Heh.

(Those are the two I’ve seen mentioned the most, so that’s what I’m starting with. Correct decision?)

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My flight doesn’t take off until after 4pm tomorrow. You know what that means? That means I can dye my hair and pack tomorrow, and just do laundry and play ESO tonight.


"So, you had that mask on. You had to wear that all the time, right? Does that get hot on your face?" (x)

oh please look at him he knows exactly what he’s doing sitting there shaking his foot like a self-satisfied pup wagging its tail after humping the couch

Did Bioware’s twitter just insinuate that Gwendoline Christie (Brienne on GoT) is voicing a Qunari?

(At least, that’s my guess from the “horns up” comment?)

… you know what? I don’t care who she’s voicing. That is AWESOME.


Im all for girls drawing and writing self indulgent bullshit, especially considering about 97% of the media around today is just men writing and drawing self indulgent bullshit

So, I’m sorta in the mood to Instagram-blog my trip to Missouri this time, but since it might involve some RL identifiers, I won’t be cross posting to Tumblr. But, if anyone here wants to follow my Instagram account (or my Twitter account!), feel free! I’m usually more active over there when I’m on the road anyway. 

And if you follow me either place and have a different name there than you do on Tumblr, let me know who you are! :)

I finally figured it out. Leliana in the DA:I trailer looks like the woman who plays Mary Morstan in the RDJ Sherlock movies. 

Since Lent is over and I think I mostly managed to keep my promise to not complain about my coworkers on the internet for those 40 days …

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