a conversation i just had
  • (A research associate overhears a heated conversation my officemates and I were having about the kind of reactions we get when we make mistakes and/or don't get something done fast enough.)
  • Her: Do you guys ever have a light day?
  • Me: Nope.
  • Her: So you're always this buried with work.
  • Me: Yep.
  • Her: So there will always be something you don't get done.
  • Me: No matter what we choose to do, someone will always be irritated with us.
  • Her: Wow, that must be really frustrating, to go home at night with that feeling.
  • Me (gritting teeth): Yep.
  • Her: I really don't think I could live like that.
  • Me: *silently screams*


one year later this is our love letter back to you, thank you.

lifeofkj replied to your post: “So, I’ve been reading Fail Fandom Anon recently, mostly because I find…”:
I read FFA religiously for the first few months, but it became way too much for me to keep up with. Now it is to me what Fandom Wank used to be: a place to drop in when there’s drama from a fandom I’m not in, to see what people are saying about it.

*nods*  Yeah, it’d be insane to keep up with in real time, I couldn’t do it! I mostly just skim and look for interesting threads when I have a bit of time to kill and Tumblr isn’t quite doing it for me. (LJ’s expand and collapse features make that a lot easier. Because LJ is still miles ahead of Tumblr in terms of being able to keep up with specific conversational threads.)

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Anonymous asked: Different anon, but your FFA posts remind me of my own sordid old-school fandom history. Did you ever look at fandom-secrets on LJ back in the day? One time I submitted a secret about my dislike of an extremely popular ship, expecting moderate anger from its fans. Instead there was a huge uproar, leading to in-fights among the shippers complete with tearful voice-posts and broken friendships. I was dumbfounded and spent weeks terrified I would somehow be outed as the original anon!

Oh, wow, anon. I did occasionally look at fandom secrets for the drama, but I think I missed that one! (Or it was in a fandom that didn’t touch my friends list, which is entirely possible.) But seriously - one secret could cause that much angst? Clearly there was something already brewing under the surface. But that’s crazy, and I totally understand living in fear of being discovered! 

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Anonymous asked: True fact: All the surveys have FFA skewing 30+. Old skool grudge wank is never bad. Just think about the amount of time we spend on AndyThanfiction, and his lying scamming ways. Cassie Claire and her ipod will never be forgiven. Ancient grudgewank is the best- we have had it about stuff going back to X-Files, the Ray Wars, and Highlander. Not to mention gossip about early TOS. DO IT!

That doesn’t surprise me. It feels like a place where the disaffected LJ folks hang out, and most of us are at least middle-aged in fannish years. :)

Oh, the Ray Wars. I was never even active in Due South fandom and I shudder at the very thought. Hee.

… maybe I will start a thread tomorrow. Could be fun! For now, though, sleeeep.

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Anonymous asked: In a true story, someone you know on tumblr actually started FFA. And the place is PERFECT for that sort of Hiddleston drama. Oh noes! Overly aggressive anon may have played a part. The SJW stuff can be annoying, but it's better than tumblr. (FFA=pro social justice in concept/anti-idiots who take it too bizarro levels). Happy to have you aboard. And god, if Xanthe didn't exist, an anon meme would have to invent her.

Oooooh! Now I’m totally curious. :D

Honestly, I skip over most of the SJ stuff there - I’m really just there to figure out what kind of idiocy is happening in fandoms I’m not a part of, or fandoms I’ve left. Or to watch people like the Hiddleston anon lose their shit for the most inane reasons. Or to comfort myself when people have the same unpopular opinions I do. ;)

Anon, you’ve created a lovely place that gives those of us who miss the type of drama LJ always provided someplace to entertain ourselves. Bravo. :D

(I’m sorta tempted to go over there and start a thread about old wankers and BNFs, the ones people miss because the drama just isn’t the same without them. I could do with a little fannish nostalgia. Hee.)

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In other news, as I wait for the loading screens, a random selection of things I like about ESO, even with all the bugs.

- No loot-stealing. Everyone who helps kill an enemy gets their own loot from the body.

- Every class has magic to use. I’m not usually a warrior type person, but the Dragonknight is totally badass when I can combine magic with a giant two-handed sword. 

- The leveling system is much less overwhelming than Skyrim’s was.

- It’s a stupid little thing, but I like that they have animations for when a character is looking at inventory (the character rummages in a bag) or reading their quest journal (the character reads a book). It’s slightly more interesting than everyone just standing around. :)

… I’m sure there were more things, but the loading screens are done, so I’m gonna go take my Nord Dragonknight running through volcanic ash again. 

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So, I’ve been reading Fail Fandom Anon recently, mostly because I find wank in fandoms/situations I’m not invested in entertaining sometimes. And I just saw the BEST rant in one of the threads by someone who’s not overinvested in Tom Hiddleston, not at all, but they’re just SO DISAPPOINTED in him because he’s clearly just a famewhore - because he’s only had his picture taken once while in Toronto, so clearly that must have been a setup with the paparazzi, because why would people not have been stalking him every time he set foot outside of his temporary living space?? And the fact that he did a commercial for Jaguar means that his stumping for UNICEF is just SO FAKE, because how can he appeal to rich people while caring about poor people? The answer is apparently that HE CAN’T, and this anon totally isn’t ANGRY or OVER-INVESTED, why would you EVER say that, they’re just really disappointed that he’s not actually an angel sent from God to watch over all fangirls.

… I may have paraphrased that some, but seriously. It was pretty glorious.

(There was also a fantastically incomprehensible wank about whether or not people should wash their hair every day, that included something about a washcloth. IDK, I bailed before that part. Maybe I just read FFA to get some good old-fashioned ridiculous wank that doesn’t involve some sort of social justice fail.)

a frightening thing about healthcare

Sometimes the secretary can read lab reports better than the doctor.






I am in a slightly terrible mood, and it’s been snowing outside, and random things on Twitter were pissing me off this morning … so I’m channeling the disquiet into thinking about my current project’s main character’s mommy issues, and how to properly project the awful feels in the story. Because it’s much better to displace random pissiness into the lives of fictional characters than to carry it around myself.

In other news, I failed pretty hardcore at Camp Nano, but that’s okay, because I had a brilliant idea* the other day** to fix my space opera story, and now suddenly that universe is pouring into my brain as if I uncapped an upside-down bottle. Seriously, I almost can’t take notes fast enough. Which is certainly helping me transfer my terrible mood elsewhere, let me tell you.

* “Hey, dumbass, why don’t you switch the genders of the two main characters?”  

** Not long after I posted my thing about feeling so blocked and uncreative. I’m pretty sure my brain works kinda like the car that’s making that terrible noise when you hit the brakes, so you take it to the repair shop. And when the guy gets into the car, there’s no noise - everything is perfectly fine. And you swear it just wanted you to have a panic attack and visit the repair shop, because it’s totally sentient and it likes that dude better than you. Um, I think that metaphor got away from me, but you know what I mean, right? 

aphreal42 replied to your post: “After seeing that Yakko’s Nations of the World post again - which will…”:
Where are we going to find leather pants our size?

But who’s going to put the tutus on the Klingons?

After seeing that Yakko’s Nations of the World post again - which will have me singing the song all day, thanks - I have to wonder why I’ve never seen a Tumblr post collecting answers to the question “Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?” 

"I think so, Brain, but me and Pippi Longstocking? What would the children look like?" 


You are good at something, stop lying to yourself. You’re good at breaking down comic book plots, cooking ramen perfectly, making your friends happy, knowing the time without looking at a clock, getting the perfect ending at RPG’s, or figuring out the twist ending to movies. Don’t let society tell you your talents are meaningless because they don’t serve an economical purpose. Your talents reflect your interests and passions, and what’s important to you is important.

Why in god’s name am I looking at my high school’s Facebook page and website?

My 20 year reunion is in two weekends … I’ll be in Missouri the weekend after next, officially missing the high school festivities by one week. Maybe that’s made me a little sentimental. As much as I’d never relive those years, not if you paid me millions of dollars, they weren’t a parade of misery either. I liked my tiny little Catholic girls’ school. 

The BFF was featured in the last alumni newsletter, with a small blurb about her awesome new job on Broadway. I’m super proud of her, but that may be part of the reason I wasn’t keen on heading back for the reunion. If Facebook is any indication, my classmates fall into two general categories: “wives and mothers” and “single with kickass jobs.” (Some of them are wives and mothers with kickass jobs, of course.) Going there and saying “hi, I’m a secretary and I play video games and obsess over movies and TV in my spare time, just like I did 20 years ago” just didn’t seem like it’d be very good for my self esteem.

… so, I’m gonna deliberately miss the whole thing by a week. Because while the logical side of me says I don’t have to justify my life to anyone, the side that was once proud to be an honors student and planned to graduate college and “do something” with my life really just wants to bury her head in the ground. So I’ll let her do that and … well, continue to play video games and obsess over Captain America. *shrug*