"Never be afraid of your own voice. In a lot of ways (both subtle and overt), society pressures women into silence by demanding that they keep quiet and take up as little of everybody’s space and time as possible. Donna Noble demands that everybody shut the hell up because she has a lot of really important things to say. She was the most vocal about her opinions of any of the Doctor’s most recent companions. And, the great thing about it was, she wasn’t just loud, she was outstandingly confident. She walked into a room and she made people notice her. She demanded that people listen, whether they were the General of a top secret military task force or a centuries-old Time Lord with a God complex. She made it known from the get-go that she would not be ignored. That assertiveness prompted the Doctor to actively seek out her insight and opinions throughout their journey together. She made the world better by shouting at it. I respect the hell out of that. Not enough people in this world are open to listening to what we have to say, so sometimes we have to make them listen."